Party for Two // Lauren & Isaac

It hadn’t been a very interesting day if Isaac was to be perfectly honest. Apart from talking with Sydney for the first time in months and reading through a script that had been mailed to him, Isaac had spent most of the day finishing homework and watching movies with Henry. He felt kind of bad about not feeling very bad, in regards to his best friend’s accident. Isaac understood why everyone was upset, but at least Henry hadn’t turned into a total jerk or anything. It was nice to just chill with his best friend again.

The eighteen-year-old had just turned on Scream 4 when Henry fell asleep. He wasn’t a very big fan of the movie, and since he had no one to talk to, he jumped at Lauren’s offer to go hang out at her dorm. In all honesty, he would have jumped at the offer anyways, but the fact that Henry wouldn’t miss him made him feel a lot less guilty about going over.

Wearing basketball shorts and a dark blue t-shirt, Isaac made his way, barefoot, across the short strip of concrete that separated Newton and Lisaac towers, and took the elevator to the second floor. He knocked on Lauren’s door out of courtesy, though he had a spare key because his sister lived there, and waited outside of the dorm awkwardly, sticking his hands in his pockets. It was rather late to be making visits.

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    Working and effort weren’t necessarily things that Lauren experienced too terribly much of growing up, and there had...
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    Before he’d met Lauren, there had never been anything that Isaac truly desired. He’d never had to work for anything. If...